All of our products, including the base kettles, are made right here in the Pacific Northwest and are built to last. Some of the outstanding features of our stills are:
Precision, Flexibility, Consistency, Versatility

1. Our base kettles are made with 316L stainless steel which should last a lifetime. They have an independent water bath heated with individual heating elements, with no boiler system required. This gives precise control while allowing gentle heating of the mash to prevent scorching. When combined with automation this allows for precise control of vapor temperature, giving great consistency from one run to the next. Our kettles are engineered for great flexibility using a range of separation temperatures to coax out a variety of complex flavors in your product.

2. Our stills have versatility for liquor production and are built with a 6 inch drain making it easy and fast to empty. This allows for the production of Grappa and whole fruit brandies, or any distillation where solids are used.

3. They come standard with a 3 inch thick insulation jacket, which keeps the heat moving up the column and not wasted out the side of the still. This makes our stills incredibly efficient to run.

4. Our stills come standard with the capability of having interchangeable domes, which leaves the distiller the ability to change shape or style of the dome at their discretion. With a standard built platform allowing for easy change out of dome and column arrangements, our stills are limited only by your distiller’s imagination.

5. Our stills are also built with the ability to quickly detach and change out columns. We offer a wide variety of column types for the production of different types of liquor with unique end results based upon the column used. You won’t have to buy multiple stills to make a variety of liquors.