Base Kettles

Our base kettles are built to last. They are made with 316L stainless steel, right here in the Pacific North West. Some of the outstanding features of our stills are: An independent water bath heated with individual heating elements, with no boiler system required. This gives precise control while allowing gentle heating of the mash to prevent scorching. When combined with automation this allows for precise control of vapor temperature, giving great consistency from one run to the next. Our kettles are engineered for great flexibility using a range of separation temperatures to coax out a variety of complex flavors in your product. Our stills have versatility for liquor production built with a 6 inch drain making it easy and fast to empty. This allows for the production of Grappa and whole fruit brandies, or any distillation where solids are used. They come standard with a 3 inch thick insulation jacket, which keeps the heat moving up the column and not wasted out the side of the still. This makes our stills incredibly efficient to run. Our stills come standard with the capability of having interchangeable domes, which leaves the distiller the ability to change shape or style of the dome at their discretion. With a standard built platform allowing for easy change out of dome and column arrangements, our stills are limited only by your distillers imagination.


Our columns are our most exciting features. Plates do very little to change the flavor compared to being able to change the entire shape of the column, that’s where we offer something different. With our base kettle you can add different domes but most importantly you quickly and easily change the column and get a vast array of truly distinct flavors and styles from one single piece of equipment. And because of its standard built type you can upgrade anytime as your imagination and product line grow. Because of the nature of distillation, reflux happens on the copper surfaces of the still column, each column shape causes that reaction to happen differently bringing out different flavor compounds. It also brings out signature compounds that are present in everything produced from that particular column (whether made from kiwis, cactus, or grain). If you only plan on producing one type of spirit that may not be important, but if you want a large array of products and you want them to be distinct from each other, not sharing a common signature flavor, then you need a variety of columns or in the case of most other manufactures multiple stills. Not with us. To have a single malt taste like a single malt. A bourbon taste like a bourbon. Or even a broad range of whiskeys each showing off its own character from the style of column completely different from the others. With this kind of flexibility you can make it bright in the way you want in to be bright or bring out signatures of caramel, fruit, or earth. The combinations are endless. Craft spirits are about trying to make something different and truly unique so don’t be stuck wondering how to give your product that unique flavor, get the still that does it all then you just have to figure out what combination to do next.

1) Our stills are made with the ability to change out your still column quickly and efficiently. Why is this important? It’s all about economy of process and versatility. Quite simply different columns create different flavor signatures, complexity, and liquor types. We offer a variety of still columns which can be easily changed between runs.

2) Our domes are hand crafted using only the highest quality 1/8” thick copper, ensuring a long service life. The dome is welded to a ¼” 316L stainless flange using our special TIG weld that is both beautiful and strong. With a variety of styles available, we also encourage customization, so if you have an idea we will enjoy working with you to make it happen. A 6” manway is standard but other sixes can be ordered along with sight windows, tank lights, agitators, and CIP systems, to create and build a still suited to your exact needs.

Copper and steel is a variety of styles. We’ll work with you to create the Gatling still that suits your needs.