Signature Flavors, Signature Design

The versatility of our column’s and their interchangeability is one of our stills most exciting features. Some manufacturer’s offer the use of “plates” in their stills to try and give the distiller the ability to change the flavor of their various liquors, however, these plates do very little to change the flavor of the liquor. Being able to change the entire shape or column type on your still can and does give the distiller the ability to vastly differentiate flavors of your various products. This is where we offer something different from other manufacturers. With our base kettles you can quickly and easily change the column and get a vast array of truly distinct flavors and styles from one single piece of equipment. Due to this being available on all of our base kettles you can upgrade to various column’s anytime your innovation and product line should expand.

Because of the nature of distillation, reflux happens on the copper surfaces of the still column, each column shape causes that reaction to happen differently bringing out different flavor compounds. It also brings out signature compounds that are present in everything produced from that particular column. If you only plan on producing one type of spirit that may not be important, but if you want a large array of products and you want them to be distinct from each other, not sharing a common signature flavor, then you need a variety of columns or in the case of most other manufactures multiple stills. Not with us. With this flexibility you can produce a single malt that tastes like a single malt, a bourbon that tastes like a bourbon, or even a broad range of whiskeys each showing off its own character, just by changing out the column on the same single still. With this kind of flexibility you can make your product bright in the way you want in to be bright or bring out unique signatures of caramel, fruit, or earth. The combinations are endless. Craft spirits are about trying to make something different and truly unique so don’t be stuck wondering how to give your product that unique flavor, use the still that offers the versatility to do it all. Then let your creativity do the rest.